Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wanna know more about us? Check out our cast bios:

Sarah Argue: Sarah is one of the founding members of the group. Acting, directing, writing, producing, composing, paragliding, bull-fighting and deep sea diving are just a few of the things that Sarah has never done but hopes to do as a member of Ottawa Sketch.

Rachelle Casseus: Rachelle is one of Canada's first test tube babies. In fact, she still keeps her 'mother' on a shelf in her room. She credits her unusual upbringing with giving her a unique comedic perspective on life, "when your mother is a test tube and your father is a beaker, you just see the world differently".

JF Dufault: A prolific microbial geneticist, JF's chief concern outside of his work is racing chickens, "chicken racing is my life...I love chickens and racing them, but comedy's cool too I guess ". When not racing chickens or doing comedy JF keeps busy playing euchre.

Charlie Ebbs: Though not particularly funny in any way, Charlie considers himself a comic genius. Although never professionally trained, Charlie's artistic background is mainly centered on interpretive dance, which he tries to apply to many of the sketches to no avail.

Tim Finnigan: Author of many self help books, most notably 'Get Rid of Those Post-Pregnancy Blues' and piano prodigy from the age of three, Tim has appeared in almost every major network talkshow (as an audience member). Due to a restraining order, he is not allowed within 500 feet of Phil Donahue.

Stephanie Halin: Another founding member of the group and also a former Spanish contessa, Steph now lives with the stray cats on Parliament Hill. She states, "I've given up life at court for a simpler, more feline existence, though sometimes I do miss the parties".

Henry Kwok: Born in Hong Kong, Henry has a secret obsession for calypso music and island culture. A licenced veterinarian, Henry spends his free time drinking banana daiquiris and braiding his hair. Last winter he put de lime in de coconut and knocked up 'Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2009'.

Jen Rutherford: The youngest from a family of twenty, Jen prefers to spend her time alone and dislikes any form of group involvement, "I can't think of one member of the group I like working with. I hope I can make some money with this show so I can work by myself ". Jen's hobbies include bear-hunting and d├ęcoupage.