Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Live Show Follow-Up

' Welcome back old school Canadian sketch! Amazing show, congrats Ottawa Sketch '
' Ottawa sketch, funny as hell! Professional, amazing, an unexpected surprise for Ottawa '
'Amazing show and I like the venue, it's great to rediscover these old taverns and allow local talent to have a voice '
' Move over Rick Mercer, here comes Ottawa Sketch! ' - The EMC

Thanks to those who came out to our live show at the Elmdale in January! For those of you who didn't - shame on you. Here is a re-cap of what went on after the show:
  • Macy Gray ended up removing Aaron Neville's mole with scissors and then was taken away by security and sent to the Royal Ottawa. Looks like she won't be going to Miami anytime soon.
  • John - the back-up singer - was signed on by Aaron Neville for his upcoming fundraising concert in Mumbai
  • Immediately after the show, David Caruso's lawyers phoned Ottawa Sketch and threatened to sue us for copyright infringement of David's hair. Like J-Lo's posterior, that carrot-top-mop is insured!
  • The feature show of our webseries Locker Lives was picked up by a major television network which we cannot name. However all the roles will be re-cast and played by the actors from Saved By The Bell.
  • Two of our puppets lost their legs and are still looking for them...
  • Jeff Foxworthy realized that even he isn't smarter than a puppet and decided to go back to school. He will be starting classes in the fall at St. Pat's elementary.
  • After the show at the Elmdale, someone cut the cheese big-time. Luckily each member of the cast was wearing a Fart-Right-Anal-Strip, so everyone blamed the bartender.
We will be taking the same show on tour within the next few weeks - so stay tuned for more info on the dates, times and locations of our next show! And don't forget about our grand webseries launch this spring!!!

Thanks again to all for your enthusiasm and support!

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  1. Love this blog! Can't wait for more - maybe some vlog teasers for those of us far away?